Australorp Heritage in Pakistan: An Overview

Australorp is a chicken breed that is the Australian version of Orpington chicken breed. It is a most famous breed regarding its ability to lay more eggs than any other breed.

The world record of 364 eggs in a year is proudly held by Australorps. It may sound odd but it was kept in very controlled environment for such high output.

Australorp are of two major types :

  1. Australorp commercial
  2. Australorp Heritage

Australorp Commercial :
Australorp commercial is a cheaper version of Australorp that lays more eggs than the Australorp heritage breed. It is also low in weight and starts laying in five months time. Its growth is fast. Australorp commercial is more popular in Pakistan merely because it is cheap and fast growing.
One day chick of Australorp Commercial is selling from pkr 100 to 120 in Pakistan while its egg price is Rs.50.
Commercial breed is used in mass scale to meet the general demand of meat worldwide. This breed may replace Golden Misri breed in Pakistan.
Australorp Heritage:
Australorp Heritage is a chicken breed that is quite expensive and not very popular yet in Pakistan. It is a dual purpose breed and very adaptive to the hot weather of Pakistan.
It is owned by very few people in Pakistan. One day chick of Australorp Heritage is selling from Pkr 1,500 to 2,000.
It is very heavy breed and its Male weight around 5kg whereas its female weights around 3kg.
Australorp heritage growth is slow and it starts laying from 7 to 8 months.
The Australorp Heritage is found in three colours. Black Australorp, Blue Australorp and white Australorp. In Pakistan there is no presence of White Australorp yet.
Salient Characteristics of Australorp Heritage:
Following are some of the salient Characteristics of heritage Australorp :

These are very beautiful birds that every one wants to keep.

These are very cool birds. Unlike the desi hens, their temperament is very different. They are very relax.

Because of their temperament they are very good for keeping in confinement.

These birds are very resistant to cold also because of their heavy black feathers.

Australorp Heritage is a breed that lays big brown eggs through out the year.
In Pakistan, there is great market for Australorp chicken but almost 90 percent of it is commercial breed. There are big farms having great quantity of Australorp breed but there is growing market of Australorp Heritage breed.
People only have 4 to 5 pieces at most of Heritage breed mainly because it is expensive and imported breed. Its eggs are being sold at Rs.500 each while it’s one day chick is being sold at Rs. 1500 to 2000.
While chicks of directly imported ring birds are being sold at Rs 3500 to Rs 4000.
Heritage breed is slow growing and they are not very agile.
Heritage breed is also called show breed . This breed may not get very popular in Pakistan but there is still considerable space for its farming.

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