Australorp Fraud in Pakistan

Australorp fraud in Pakistan
Australorp is a chicken breed that is very common in Pakistan nowadays. But people are making lay man fool by selling the commercial variety. This chicken is only black in colour and keeps no feature of Australorp chicken breed. This is called Australorp fraud in Pakistan.
Below we will know what are the true features of pure Australorp breed and how can we distinguish it from other breeds.

  1. Australorp is a chicken breed that is called dual purpose breed because it is an egg machine as well as it is heavy weight. Australorp female goes to a weight of 2.5 to 3kg and its Male achieve weight of 4.5 to 5 kg. Now if we see Australorp fraud breed in Pakistan, it goes nowhere near to this. These black hens available in Pakistan are only of 1.5 kg in weight and similarly Male of 2 kg weight.
  2. Australorp fraud breed available in Pakistan is also very different in its behaviour.
  3. Australorps are very cool temperament birds that are very friendly in its nature unlike the Australorp fraud breed in Pakistan .
    Now we will see the key differences between Australorp heritage and Australorp heritage.
    A strong purpose chicken, Black Australorp is a delicious chicken breeder (and so to speak!). A good choice for egg production and meat production, this poultry breed traces its heritage to Orpington, built on the same name in Kent by William Cook in the 1880s. Cook used a variety of shapes to create several colour shades, but Buff black, pure White and rich gold got the next big thing. Their founder was a skilled advertiser for his chickens, and they were exported to England. The Orpingtons are known for their early maturity and winter ability, but they did not find much commercial success in England because many breeders played a major role in the show. Today the utilitarian Orpington is becoming increasingly rare. The form of the exhibition is different from the Old Orpington, as it is now known.
    The magnificent Orpington is a large, heavy bird that is capable of producing beautiful brown eggs. The body is long, round, and deep with a large chest and broad back. The legs are short, strong, and split. There are both single- and rose-comb types. Roosters have lots of hackle feathers and chairs. The skin is white. The chicks will weigh up to 10 pounds [10 kg] and 8 pounds [8 kg] of chickens. Although Orpingtons are large birds, they are gentle and peaceful. The hen gives birth and is a good mother. Chicks can be very gentle in combined groups. Unfortunately, in the 20th century, the emphasis was on birds of a particular type.
    Buff Orpington was introduced from England to North America in the 1890’s. Buff was derived from the crosses of Buff Cochin, Lincolnshire Buff, and Dorking. Buff gained instant popularity as a dual-purpose farm bird with heavy, open feathers that allowed it to retain egg production even in the cold winter. Buff earned the nickname Golden Beauty and was often featured in national exhibitions. White Orpington is still found in nurseries in North America. As with other species, Orpington’s white leather hindered its commercial popularity. Moreover, although many birds were successful, this parallel could not be corrected in all humans.
    Black Orpington was derived from the twins of Black Minorca, Black Plymouth Rock, and Broad Langshan. Black Orpingtons were imported into Australia, where they were produced into an incredible egg layer without losing much of the size and quality of the meat. In many ways, Australorp retained the excellent qualities of the old productive Orpington. This new breed produced a hen that set a world record in an official test in Australia, producing 364 eggs in 365 days. In the 1920s, Australorp was introduced to North America, and gained a good reputation as a kind of dual purpose. Australorp was also exported in 1921 from Australia to Britain, where it achieved some success as a family backyard bird.

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